Onslaught 2 Public Test: Skull Gate Pass

For this weekend’s Onslaught 2 public test, here’s what you need to know:

  • You’ll need to create a new character on TestLive
  • Play through the beach until you reach “Fate” and “Raidmaster”
  • Get buffed by these NPCs

Once you’re ready to join, you can open the new Group Finder (Magnifying Glass at top, or CTRL + R), which replaces the original Raid Finder.

From here, you can enter the random queue OR you can enter with a premade group. Once you’re transported to the playfield, you’ll meet up with Valkyrie Hylda. She’ll escort you to an altar while providing context to the scenario.

You will have a chance to explore the zone before officially beginning the scenario; to begin the onslaught, talk to Hylda again once you’re at the altar site.

  • As with Kuthchemes Temple, each progressive wave becomes increasingly difficult for your group to overcome.
  • Enemies occasionally drop glowing potions where they die. To consume the potion, simply walk across them.
  • The Bloodshed Meter returns and fills up as you perform fatalities and chain kills. When the meter hits 100%, a miniboss is summoned.
  • Special enemies, more powerful than standard fodder, occasionally spawn and requires different tactics to overcome. Special enemies are marked with a skull on your minimap.

Have fun, and good luck! Please use the Testlive forum to leave your feedback and bug reports. Thank you!


Patch Notes for Sunday November 8th (Testlive):

  • Fixed some gems not being searchable on the tradepost.
  • Tokens looted from bosses in Onslaught (both Kutchemes and Skull Gate Pass) now award to all team members in the zone, regardless of distance or living status.
  • Increased Valkyrie Hylda’s base HP.
  • Attackers will fixate on Valkyrie Hylda for a shorter period of time - This makes it easier for tanks to pull mobs off of her.
  • Valkyrie Hylda no longer heals to full between each wave. Now she heals 10% of her maximum health between each wave.
  • Fixed a case where Taskmaster Mijoral would reset in combat.
  • Server-side optimizations for Skull Gate Pass.