Skull Gate Pass Update Patch Notes


Skull Gate Pass Onslaught

The vile Hyperboreans are poised to strike the Border Kingdoms; it’s up to you, the mightest of Hyboria, to halt their onslaught! Join Valkyrie Hylda in warding Skull Gate Pass against the vast armies of the Witch Queen Vammatar! New relics, gems, and achievements await the fiercest of our heroes!

Group Finder

The Raid Finder has a new look and name: The Group Finder! Bask upon this pinnacle of naming creativity! The new Group Finder provides access to a wide selection of dungeons at all level ranges, as well as both Onslaught scenarios and a weekly featured raid. The Group Finder’s icon, placement, and shortcut remain the same. Queue up and be whisked away to adventure!


  • Onslaught gems can now be searched for on the Tradepost.


  • Updated the Launcher to link to the current account website.

  • Added safeguards when rebinding keys to prevent a case where it was possible to lock up the client.

Edit: fixed cliffhanger on rebinding keys


November 20 Hotfix


  • Adjusted dungeon level requirements so that dungeons become available at the same level that you can pick up quests for them. Please note: This is below the recommended levels, and may result in a more difficult experience.
  • Fixed the weekly raid incorrectly cycling at odd times.
  • Fixed public dungeon queues requiring players be level 80 for sub-80 dungeons.


  • Crow’s Nest no longer incorrectly ejects players.


  • Kuthchemes token loot propagates to all players.

December 2 Hotfix

Group Finder

  • Backend fixes to Weekly Raids


  • Kuthchemes - Wildlife camps have returned to their old semi-peaceful ways (they will no longer immediately aggro onto players from across the map)