Skull Gate Pass Onslaught - Public Test Weekend - Test Closed

:rotating_light: PUBLIC TEST EVENT :rotating_light:


Welcome to the Onslaught…again!

The Hyperboreans are poised to strike the Border Kingdoms, and only the mightiest of heroes can stop their onslaught! Can you thrwart the vile Witch Queen’s plans to invade Hyboria?

Valkyrie Hylda needs your help at Skull Gate Pass!

We’re seeking Hyboria’s finest to band together and test this new map on the public test realm (TestLive) this weekend, beginning November 6, 2020 and through the whole weekend. Exact time is TBA, but we’ll give notice ASAP!

No signups, no invites - just fire up the test client to join! Read more below on how to participate:

First Time?

If this is the first time you’ve attempted to connect to TestLive, don’t fret – the process is simple.

First, download the TestLive “Local Config” file below. If you are taken to a page that looks like raw HTML code, simply right-click anywhere on that page and then “Save As”. Then save the physical file to your PC.

TestLive LocalConfig.xml

There’s also a visual guide by @bible


  1. EITHER:
    a. COPY your Age of Conan folder, duplicating the client, OR
    b. RENAME your current LocalConfig.xml file in your existing Age of Conan folder to something else easy to remember
  2. Download and save the LocalConfig.xml file included in the above link
  3. Move the .xml file to the Age of Conan folder (same folder where AgeOfConan.exe is)
  4. Run the game

If done correctly, you should see a “Welcome to TestLive” message in green at the top of your launcher.

What to Expect

Once the server opens up on Friday, simply log in with your usual account name and password.

If you haven’t played on Testlive earlier this year, you’ll need to make a new character on TestLive and play through the beach area. Not too long after, you’ll encounter two NPCs; “Fate” and “Raidmaster”. If you played on Testlive this past April, you can use the character you made then. Fate will also have an option to set your starting Onslaught wave at 15.

These two NPCs can boost your character’s level and gear so you can play Skull Gate Pass. Remember, this is a group mode! Going in by yourself will assure your death.

You may enter Skull Gate Pass through the new and improved Group Finder, which replaces the old Raid Finder. The functionality is largely the same as before, but the new Group Finder also allows players to queue for sub-level 80 Dungeons while in the dungeon’s range. Both Onslaught modes may be accessed through this menu.

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing your feedback!!


The test server is now open!