Onslaught Update Patch notes


Kuthchemes Temple Onslaught

Do you hear the earth trembling from the unending horde before you?

A classic story brought new life; now’s your chance to experience a slice of Hyborian lore! Introducing Kuthchemes Temple Onslaught, a brand-new scenario inspired by the original “Black Colossus” story by Robert E. Howard! Discover all-new challenges, enemies, and rewards - Click here to learn more!

Onslaught Leaderboards

New Leaderboard tracking is now a part of https://leaderboards.ageofconan.com/ Track your progress in Onslaught and see how you measure up to other players!

Minigame Vote-Kicking

Players may now initiate a vote-kick during PvP Minigames. When a Minigame vote kick is initiated, all members of a team may vote. If enough members of a team agree to kick the offending player, that player is removed from the minigame. A vote cannot be initiated until at least 5 minutes have elapsed in the minigame. Please use this feature responsibly :wink:


  • Last entry in friends list will display descenders (g,j,p,q,y) properly.
  • Fixed missing hair for some combinations of power and vanity helms.
  • Talismans will be visible on players in combat stance.
  • Weapons will not be visually duplicated on players changing their form.
  • Selecting a price to sell an item on the Trader is now easier.
  • Raid invites sent to a team properly go to the team leader.
  • Feedback given when attempting to trade with a player with Blocked Trade Requests

May 5 2020 Hotfixes


  • Column attacks such as Mitra’s Searing Eye and Hellfire Stream will now hit enemies between the target and caster.


  • Gilded Kuthcheman Impaler from Onslaught Treasure Chest is now Bind on Equip.
  • Aquilonian Necromancer can again be selected during character creation.


  • Herald of Khotan will now engage in melee combat after enough of his allies have been killed.

May 13 2020 Fixes


  • Kuthcheman and Gilded Kuthcheman weapons now have intended Ferocity amounts.
  • Vitalizing Jolt and Radiance can now proc the Topaz of Divine Benediction.


  • Excavator of Souls can no longer be feared. This fixes an issue where he would leave behind a skull on the minimap after dying.


  • Bloodshed Meter is now correctly titled.

June 10 2020:


  • Deleted General chat tab can now be recreated as a new tab
  • Added proper error message received when trying to enter expansion areas without access.
  • Inviting non-existent players now gives sensible error message.
  • Attempting to purchase items with a full inventory now gives a useful error message.


  • Abyssal Convoker’s Blazing Maw can once again hit players.


  • Siege weapons now deal correct damage to Battlekeep structures.

June 18 2020

During today’s downtime, we granted a free book of Advanced Riding Training to all characters who claimed the Gilded Desert Steed during the anniversary. You may find the book in your Claim Items, and you may use this particular item at any level. Additionally, we reduced the cost of the regular Advanced Training to 5g.


  • Advanced Riding Training cost reduced to 5g.