What else was changed with the onslaught patch?

There have been changes to classes - tos, pom, dt, whatnot - can we get the patchnotes for that?

Affliction at Ethram Fal is bugged also.

The issue with Affliction has been reported and is being investigated.

Not anything else than just adding range with ferocity, right ?

What’s wrong with affliction at Ethram?

Tonight is our T6 raid so this is news to me.

Not 100% sure since I didn’t experience myself, but from what I heard it doesn’t register that people are between you and the boss, so you take full dmg everytime(?). So you better mitigate it with bubbles (dull pain, phoenix cloak, cunning d), athropy, mystic suppression and so on

on my Pom I took 13k Damage which was a oneshot despite having 4 people in front of me and having litany running and yes I was 100% hp when it happened.
We had several tries and others felt the pain as well, like a hox got killed by that afflict twice in one pull. I believe he got hit for 12.8k :smiley:

Something is fooked. And yeah, line attacks on several classes seems broken as well.

Affliction is not all broken, just changed (partly broken) but its still possible to do like before with people infront of you and only take parts of the damage.

well that still sucks. but yes, 2 sins with atrophy will make it work still. now if there is some really roundabout way that makes it work then it’s still not good enough.

Seriously, are we now doing progression again because bugged bosses?

I agree with you, FC know jackshit about the spaghetti code in this game and have made a mess of it (again).
And yeah, for the time being its a little bit of progression feel to it, but it´s not that much harder.