Pom and demo damage column

funcom have remove column damage or it s bug i check my demo after my pom and damage column are broken



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Ye. This is indeed bugged now, since last patch.

plz fix funcom need aoe^^

I was so happy when funcom announced the vote/kick for minigames. Little did i know they also removed one of my best spells on my pom.
I also feel really useless in the new Onslaught without column on lance of mitra since this is the only aoespell the pom has that doesn’t have a long cd.
This needs a fix ASAP!

/Ubermiley the singletargetpom

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Hi there, this issue should be fixed in today’s patch.


Thanks a lot funcom!

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Nice work funcom, can’t wait to check it out this evening! <3

/Ubermiley the AndyB fanboy