Another Dark Agartha Bug

The Searing Flash ability used by The Second should be a column attack, but it can rotate with the boss and hit you even if you move to the side of it. The only sure way to avoid it is to outrange it or be at least 90 degrees or more from the telecast lines.

Of course, this isn’t really a Dark Agartha bug, it’s a problem elsewhere in the game. Just like the other such report I made.

The most frustrating part is that not all column attacks are bugged in this way. The Onryo boss (forget the name) in Dark Agartha has a column that doesn’t move. It hits where it says it will.

I could not reproduce this bug.
On the screens we can see the Searing Flash is going where it’s supposed to :

Though I noticed if your dps is too high the boss might change phase during a cast and skip it. In the combat log do you see the Searing Flash hitting you ?

I can’t replicate the bug on demand, but I’ve witnessed it before :slight_smile: It’s something that’s been reported before too, so hopefully it’ll get fixed soon :slight_smile:

Happens pretty much every time. I can get it on video easily.

Then do it. It’s hard to fix something you can’t witness or reiterate.

I tried with my melee toon.
I saw The Second rotate slightly toward me, but I received no damages from the Searing :no_mouth:

The devs have already been given videos of it by several people btw.

Over the last 7 years, yes. There’s nothing special about Dark Agartha. I just tagged it as such because Dark Agartha is new and still likely to get some dev attention so maybe they’ll look into it finally. Probably not, though.

PS. It seems more likely to happen the further you are from the boss.