Open the OLD DLC armor up to modders please!

Yes, I speak of the wonderful $10 DLC packs whose time has long passed as you pursue drastically larger profits from your cash shop. Like many of the armors your studio designs these are good but can definitely be improved by modders like the insanely talented author of Immersive Armors. Especially considering mods have accessory systems your base game entirely lacks. Being able to tear apart and repurpose existing game assets results in lighter weight mods and give players many more options for looks with a theme.

I am certain no one is buying the old $10 DLC packs just to get the armors in them. Those were always all about the build sets and that’s why people will still buy them no matter what. Letting modders have access to the armors only from those DLCs is not going to cost you any money.

And with the way you’ve been treating modders recently it’s really past time for you to throw them a bone. Please do so.


I like this idea. I’ve no idea of the economic effects (though your assessment seems fair to me), but I think it would be a nice option. As a habitual user of Immersive Armor, I’d certainly like to see what new wonders they could create with the added pallette of the DLC armors to work from as well.

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The only DLC I didn’t buy for the armor was the Nemedian, People of the Dragon pack.

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