Make the expansion outfits moddable

Since the outfits themselves aren’t being sold as a pack and they are part of an expansion that players are required to purchase to have access to can we have the option of modding them as well? Since ppl have to buy the expansion to have access to the outfits and its not being sold as a pack like the others that it should have the same options as the base game.

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Honestly I think if there worried about losing money on sales due to people getting the items without paying, and just having the mod, they could simply require mod authors to have the dlc outfit as a requirement in the recipie for the mod item, or something similar, if possible it could even require the dlc to be owned to unlock the feat, but I do agree it would be nice if dlc outfits could be modded

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I agree. I feel like since it’s not a pack and an expansion instead it should be an option.

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Or you just treat the expansion like a double DLC.
You can make the expansion armour sets on the vanilla map.
And if you like you can have a go at a Siptah server.

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I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC. The thread will be seen regardless.

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why should the content treated different for isle of siptah? it’s payed optional content => not moddable. if they provide the materials and textures in the devkit it’s not possible to prevent abuse. I can copy & paste the existing stuff and rename it to what ever. no way to track that this is from a expansion or cosmetic dlc.


Testerle I disagree with you. There are tons of games with the option to mod dlc items that require you to have access to the dlc in order to make use of it. Fallout, TES, the Witcher, and Monster hunter are a few examples of this.

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Sure but that’s not the point. I can also list a ton of games which did not share a single piece of payed content, or even games without mods or the ability for modding. my questions stands: why should the content of the expansion treated different than the other conan exiles dlc content, and nothing else than conan exiles content counts. other games are completely irrelevant for this specific question. we compare conan exiles content with conan exiles content and not conan exiles with mario kart or doom or any other game

For the reason you just listed, this is an expansion not a dlc. The idea that they can’t make it to where you have to get the expansion to access the content is absurd. That being said, they both have and actively support (given the steam workshops existence for this game) modding of the game. What they sold was not some dlc , it’s is an expansion to the base game.

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it’s paid content no matter how we call it. expansion, dlc, blah… it’s paid content and therefore locked. it’s really that simple. protection of investment, and it’s not really relevant if we like it or not

btw. as a modder I would love it to have access, but i can also understand and accept the reason for the locked content


Well that’s why I have it here as a suggestion and not a declarative statement of it must be done. I am suggesting that the outfits, as it pertains to something more like the base game rather than a dlc, be made moddable.

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at the end of the day, as someone who plays with lots of mods, i’d love to see what modders could do if they were given access to all the dlc and expansion outfits as base items, HOWEVER, I fully understand that each and every one of thoes outfits has a set price tag, and you do not have to release mods through ONLY steam, meaning that thoes resources can be all over the interwebs, on top of that, there would have to be a team specifically dedicated to checking mods to make sure that if they contain resources from the paid content that they required the paid content to craft them and even then, as its not a main item, you could probably spawn it with admin menu, in the end, its just far to unmanageable to allow the resources to be editable and expect people to still buy what they can get a edited version of for free, on top of that I don’t think a file check would work as you can rename the files, change the item numbers, ect ect, such is how mods are made to not clash with each other


The creation kit and geck would both seem to disagree with you. The tools give the option to create complete dlc level content (search faalskar for an example), and yet they’ve not had any issue getting ppl to buy their game. Conan has sold a great number of copies as well so clearly there is a dedicated base willing to pay. Theres tons of mods made for outfits on games with outfits as mods. With those mods theres is 1 repeating requirement for using them, the requirement to own the dlc for that outfit.

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Sure because it’s the only way to use the dlc/expansion stuff. So the conclusion is: we do not release the paid content because we earn money with it.

it doesn’t matter how you turn it around. it’s a management decision and it probably won’t change that quickly. especially not for the brand new paid content. we will probably find the first dlcs in the devkit sooner or later but never the latest paid content.

Please read the context of the post. I had this listed as a suggestion not a demand and it was moved. Do you speak for management? If you don’t I have no idea why you are speaking for the inner workings of a company that has a suggestions area for a game where they clearly want feedback which I am providing.

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and we should not have different opinion because it’s a suggestion? strange point of view

no but I know some of the developers of the game and they would also love to share it but it’s not the devs decision and now guess whos decision it is?

You are contradicting yourself. I don’t speak for the devs, but this is what they want. You cannot speak for them when you aren’t them. I never stated that having a differing opinion was a bad thing. I’m trying to keep the post on topic on what would be a nice addition to modding options.



Funnily enough that’s how I feel about all the unrelated posts.

other opinions are NOT unrelevant. maybe not what you want to hear, but sorry, NOT unrelevant

I challenge your suggestion and you are currently not on the winning road

but I already understand that other opinions are not desired. have fun