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During the Livestream you said unknown now my main concern with this is the contradictory statement y’all made during the stream that said “modders are our bread and butter” I’m really curious as to the reason behind this decision, if I’m not mistaken the only reason I could see is people reuploading the new map for people to download for free, but this sounds like a devkit issue. Not allowing modders to work with this map is a huge disappointment to your “bread and butter” and was just looking for more input as to this decision, I also understand that you might want people to get the full siptah experience before allowing modders to touch it, but to that I would say that there are many people that enjoy playing conan as it is, but where it really shines through is as a platform for people to play it as they like, whether RP, custom pvp, as an mmo with quests and dungeons added on. And to not allow this in my opinion will simply shy the people that want to play it the way they want until modding IS allowed. GTA is a perfect example of a “we don’t allow modding” and look what happened? With the release of fiveM working around these restrictions boosted sales and brought a whole new wave of massive sales comparable to it’s release. Just my two cents, I love what y’all are doing with this new map, and don’t understand why some people don’t get that there are 100 other games with more than one map that aren’t linked, but this is my main concern and would love input


just taking a stab here (nothing to back this up), would be the fact that this is Early Access? i don’t recall what was going on in the mod world during Exiles Early Access, but just wondering if it has anything to do with that. or maybe like you said, keeps the mod community from taking the map and uploading it as a custom map for ‘free’.

As I understand, from what has been said so far, mods that change the map won’t work.
From that I derive that all the other gear, emote, building mods will work. It wouldn’t make sense otherwise

That how I think and hope it will be

Modders have never been able to mod DLC stuff. Here’s why:

If I had full modding access to DLC stuff. What’s to stop me from taking DLC items. Making my own items with their stats, and their looks, and placing them in the world as their own feat? This means anyone running the mod can use those DLC items without paying for them.

This is why the textures and such are locked in the devkit. We cannot use them, we cannot edit them.

Why would the new map be different? If it can be modded, what’s to stop us from taking the map, and reintroducing it with all its stuff as a mod that people could simply subscribe to for free?

I get it, you want to say, ‘well they could lock portions of it so you can’t do that’. And I agree, so does Funcom. That’s why they said “But Siptah itself, won’t be moddable for the time being.” Because they need time to put those mechanisms in place.

The cool thing is they might able to allow us to mod existing DLC item states. Maybe have it so they could lock out the textures, but allow us to modify ingame stats.

These are things that have to be altered on the Devkit itself. Not the game. So its a bit more involved.

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i addressed a couple of your points in my post, they as well dont seem impossible to fix. im really looking for a dev to give their perspective as to this decision, as i really feel it would hurt.

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