Isle of siptah, good or bad choise?

Hello Funcom,
After a good night’s rest I decide to share my opinion on this future DLC.

In general, you said that you were aware that the modding community was important to you. However, by blocking the ability to modify the new map, you contradict yourself. This means that you don’t care about the moderation community.

I think you shot yourself in the foot using this process. It would have been better to add the new map for free and do a paid DLC in parallel with the bulk of the content, as you are used to (building, weapons, armour, mounts, ect).

On a more technical point of view, I read that it was impossible for you to add the Island of Siptah to the East of the Path of Exiles map. This remains a big mystery as Unreal Engine allows the management of very large content over large areas. The Atlas game is a perfect example.

And in the worst case scenario, the Atlas system for people who want to link areas could go without buying 2 servers by linking their IPs via an interactive object such as a boat on the coast east of the jungle.

As a result, by blocking access to this card, you will also split groups and lose future customers who, without taking the future DLC, will leave the game out of spite.

Be careful, I understand that every job deserves a salary. But even if the money is important, the right choices are at the most.

Best regards.

If not mistaken, Atlas uses UE 4.5.1 with custom modifications. They also use a cluster system as you pointed out yourself. In addition, I don’t think you have to pay extra for unlocking a new grid when playing on their official servers.

CE uses UE 4.15 with custom modifications. It was confirmed that the EL map “cluster” cannot get any bigger. While it may not be impossible to introduce a cluster system in CE, Funcom does not want people to be able to travel between the maps because this would create unfair advantage in PvP (p2w).

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All Im saying… “World of Conan” - made with UE5!
Seriously, this whole Open World map ‘fiasco’ bit - not going to be an issue.

(That movie trailer with Conan rescuing the lady on the cross, at the beginning of the game… in-game graphics with UE5)

Ive put many hours in this game, bought all but the latest DLC - but would enjoy a game, like above.

its a good choice with some bad decisions :stuck_out_tongue:
as of now its just a “new” conan game expansions EXPAND the world and lets you expand on the storiy of your character not force you to start over and not letting you continue with your character.

Out of the past: “New Game Experience”
Has been done before and the game shut down.

I see FUncom on the same crash course as SOE.

I shudder at the thought of what impact an almost doublesized map would have on RP-servers, where social interaction is key

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