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I want to know why they have released an optimization patch for xbox s / x in terms of details and graphics and not for the ps5


There was mention of it last week you might try a search in posts don’t remember the particulars still on ps4. Lack of optimization may be part of what was shutting down Xbox.


Here’s the official note on the subject “near future”.

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What bothered me than and still does now with this reply is that optimisation for ps5 is merely an “option” they “may” look into, not something that definitely will be looked at.


Well, they do explain the difficulty/additional work with Sony/PlayStation on the next reply to you. I will have to take their word for it.

I wonder if graphic selection could be implemented sure, this is not the same as optimization but, atleast I would like the choice.


Have they given any more details beyond “It’s harder with Sony.”? For every game that has been optimized on both platforms, this is the first time I’ve heard this excuse…

Between this and the Twitch drops still not working, is it really all on Sony?

I can’t answer your question however, the full posts on each topic may possibly provide more insight.

On the optimization: We would love to have an optimized version that improves the experience on PS5 but we can’t commit to that at this time.

On the Twitch drops We’re aware of this issue affecting the PS4 platform and we’re looking into a fix either from our backend, or coming in a future client patch.

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I play with Xbox series S and I honestly do not see the optimization.


Thanks for the links, though I’ve already seen those old posts.

That reasoning behind the lack of PS5 optimization still bothers me. It’s still basically just a lengthy way of saying, “It’s hard, so we’re not gonna do it right now (if ever).” It bothers me more every time I see other games getting optimized for both platforms simultaneously. Elder Scrolls Online just got a trailer showcasing its PS5/XBSX upgrades and it looks fantastic!

I’m not gonna pretend I know what kind of work goes into next-gen optimizations, but why is Funcom seemingly the only company that optimized their game for one next-gen console while leaving the other one out in the cold because “it’s too much work”??

Sorry if that was a little ranty. It’s just frustrating because I love the hell out of this game and would love to see it preforming at its best. It really sucks that they’re essentially just putting us PS5 players on the back burner with a little post-it note that says, “We’ll get to this whenever”…


Honestly, this is a good thing. Perhaps instead of asking for an optimized version of a three year old PS4 game, let’s ask for a straight up 100% PS5 version instead.

Also, I went back to re-read the post and I got a different impression based on the following.

For Xbox

was something Microsoft supported so we’ve been able to add it on the Gamepass version.

For PlayStation

…requires more work to implement and wasn’t an option when we started this process earlier in the year.

Reading the “more work” comment, in context with the rest of the sentence makes sense. The PlayStation option became available after they already started the process. The Xbox option was already supported by Microsoft at that time and was added.

I really don’t have anything else to add, the explanation was clear to me on how I understood it.

Like I said at the start, this is the opportunity to get a real PS5 version.


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me imagino que llegara en su momento la actualizacion

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