PlayStation performance

Just wondering if anything is in the works for PlayStation/console performance?

I’m on siptah currently with a ps5 and the lag and disconnecting is making it very hard to play. That’s not even taking into account the lag from spells.


That’s the plan they said… no ETA on a patch that I’m aware. My clanmate and I are on PS5 and we tried to do the wine cellar dungeon last night. It was ok, but then would lag out on some boss attacks and we’d die without even seeing them do their attack. These were just the mini bosses on the way to the main boss. We decided to turn around after completing most of it and almost losing our stuff. Lost a level 20 berserker from the stupidity. Also, lots and lots of freezes and crashes. I feel your pain.

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They said they are working on it?

I think long ago FC said something about a ps5 version, but they probably forgot about it already lol. With all the bugs and issues 3.0 brought you can forget about ps5 optimization in the near future.

Yeah. They said they’re working on a patch. However, no word on when. Better be soon because it’s pretty bad. The load times are atrocious. It’s likely an optimization issue since the same thing happened when siptah was released.


Before 3.0 I had next to no issues with lag and DC.


Neither did I. Thing is, even back then the game’s performance wasn’t that great relative to what the ps5 is capable of. For me Conan didn’t ran poorly, but it still took way too long to load and sometimes didn’t run very smoothly when I was at my base for example, where I have quite a few thralls and buildings. That’s why I brought up the ps5 version (that we’ll probably never get) and said that the game needs a lot of optimization in general.

I will settle for pre 3.0 performance at this point. My friends and I can really only give it a couple more days of the crashing.

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Take a scroll through the forums - almost every thread is about some kind of bug, issue or some such after 3.0 and across all platforms at that. Who knows how long it will take before we can get even pre-3.0 performance.

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