Orbs against T3

The damage orbs do to T3 buildings are so little it’s no point using it anymore. Im sure this is intended. In this game there are many thousands of places you can build where a treb wont reach. So to raid T3 in these cases will be very hard as only avatars would work. I’m not sure this is the right way to go. It’s to easy to build T3 in secure locations and it will be so hard to raid. Please consider to make stronger more expensive orbs for T3 atleast.

Anyone else agree with me on this?

Did the orbs receive a Nerf? I’ve been playing but haven’t used them yet.

I tried it out. 1 fire and 25 tar. I didn’t do any math but It felt like i needed 2500 tar to break the wall. Wasn’t like this before. They said on stream that they wanted trebs and avatar to be the way to get to T3. Trebs are to easy to negate and avatars to expensive to use everytime you want to raid. And honestly I really dont like to annahilate other peoples builds. The same way I don’t want people to destroy something I have built for weeks.

Well that blows. For awhile me and my clan would use the oil and fire orbs or gas and fire, because some bases couldn’t be raided with explosives, trebs, or God’s.

I think its fair, t1 can be destroyed with steal> weapons, t2 with orbs, and t3 with explosive or siege. Makes sense.

Normally it would be but a lot of bases can be built nearly unraidable if orbs won’t work and either a lot of archers or shield could easily counter a God, and a treb is pretty useless if they put a bunch of foundations around their base or are built high up.

It will be very hard to play solo and actually do anything to retaliate or raid if you play solo. I loved the stealth playstyle that orbs offered . Orbs are heavy, Fire orbs are somewhat rare. To raid with orbs takes allot of planing if you play solo. But why even bother using them on T2 at all? Weapons would do the trick just fine.