Raids and damage to buildings

Hi there. With all the update that have come here the last month.

How do damage to buildings in pvp work now.
What is need to damage and destroy the different types of tier buildings?

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Can’t find any newer info on this?

They want you using Trebuchets, Orbs, explosives and avatars for raiding. Regular weapons and tools will do damage, but very little. So the answer is that. If you are raiding, bring orbs, explosives, trebs…whatever floats your boat. :slight_smile:

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But can you still take down sandstone buildings with iron and steel weapons?

Yes its handy to know, when i start to design my house sone.

one demon fire orb and a couple of grease orbs destroys all your work :slight_smile: t3 fences… t3 foundation, walls…
all you need to farm is only one demon fire orb for each building element and it doesnt matter if its T3, and which is easy to gather… :frowning:

You ment t1? right? t3 need abit more…

once you fire the grease orb with demon-fire orb, you can continue throwing grease orbs to keep the fire burning like every 20-25 sec.s and yes it damages T3 fence, Wall etc…

Yes, but it takes a hell of a lot more than “a couple of grease orbs” to take down a Tier III building piece. If you are online and defending your base, there should be no reason that orbs are ever a real threat to you.

If you have lot’s of time on your hand, and don’t mind repairing your weapon a lot. And on PvP, taking that much time can lead to your total failure. An online defender could stand on the other side of the building piece you are swinging your cute little iron sword at, and with a repair hammer and repair mats, laugh at you all day long. If you are going to successfully raid others, you need to hit fast and hard.

Here’s how the raid looks

Weapons deal 1 damage to buildings t1 t2 t3
In online mode, you can not make raids, because they can build during the raid. Everything can be seen on the video. There is no timer. And they can repair without a timer. Rider is not profitable. This game is about pve.
We tore 6 barrels on the ceiling, and they immediately built it again.

you are right for online raiding, but offline raiders can destroy 10 doors (or 10 T3 building pieces) with 10 demonfire orbs :slight_smile: if im an offline raider and if i have time, its easy to raid… because mats can easily be found.

but not tree houses ofcourse, so choosing the right place and right base type is important too.

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The best time to attack enemy base is whole they being attacked by purge because they can’t build or repair.

But attacking without purge is still effective because they will need the materials to keep repairing and unless they have a huge stash, sooner or later they will run out.

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Majority of server have rules against combat repairing - If someone happens to be recording that raid and you’re caught repairing, its a insta ban!

Says who? None of the official servers are like that, and I have never seen a private server where they will ban you for repairing while being raided, seeing as it is an actual part of the game mechanics.

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Only fools play on official servers, and you clearly do not play private. I can link you at least top 5 private servers that have strict rules against combat repairing.

The dark side is strong in you… soo angry…

i’ve been on the test server for the last few weeks, orbs take way too long to be viable against t3/vaults, thankfully, i hated the way you could just burn through anything.

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farm more jars, bring half the building down and see if they can repair that.

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In large clans this will never happen, there are always several bases, and running to bring a resource is not a problem.