[OTHER] Sneak Attack and Deflect interaction is broken

According to the official docs, when sneak attack is deflected, it should do half damage.
However, this currently does not happen.

For most specials or regulars, there is a message. AS has “tried to hit but missed”, regulars have “glancing hit” etc. SA currently has no message. In addition, I’ve accumulted thousands of sneak attack damage logs and not a single one of them has done half damage or given any sort of deflect message.

Possibly related, there’s a phenomenon where a SA will simply disappear. No error message, no deflect message, nothing. If I had to conjecture, I’d say this is the deflected SA. SA is based closely on AS, so I suspect that the current deflect for SA is acting like AS (i.e., it misses), but without the error message.

To replicate:

  1. Equip a SA weapon on a character with extremely low SA.
  2. Hit a target with very high deflect, over 3k if possible.
  3. Use SA.
  4. Note that some SAs vanish, and no SAs are deflected.
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AS, Burst SA, Fling, FA can all “vanish” if its a first thing to hit a dyna boss. The hit gets absorded.

But i have all so noticed that AS can go poof even on regular mobs without any message.

Good note, thanks!
Here I’m referring exclusively to pvp interactions, where I think that’s not common behaviour.

Unfortunately I didn’t take the data to quantify the percentage of this happening, which would be the smoking gun if it lined up with target deflect percentage. Just needed number of SAs used vs number of damage instances recorded. :frowning:
However, because I don’t see this happen with any other special in pvp, and because SA is obviously not deflecting in the way it’s supposed to, I suspect that here it’s related to SA/deflect brokenness.

Added replication steps.