Our Server Works! PVE: Rp Encouraged,Not Required

Aventurier: Crazy But Sane
PVE - RP Encouraged
The rifts within the great frost temple drew creatures from other worlds into our own. Will, these new creatures take over? Will a war between the races begin? Or will we find peace?

Be creative, your characters and backstory are your own. Roleplay is not required but highly encouraged. We do have mods that give full adult content and will be adding more as they catch our eyes. Our Admins/Moderator staff are more than happy to listen to suggestions about mods, changes, events. Ask us anything you like, we have staff on both UAS and EU timezone.
Direct Connect:
Discord: https://discord.gg/NevUfMy

Current Mod List:

For the benifit of our players here is a list of in game perks offered to players.

  1. Clans With multiple Bases or outposts will be given a portal inside their base to their other claimed building locations.
  2. Factions/ Subfaction AOC pets are all listed for sale for the normal costs inside the Faction Hall
  3. Pippi Kit store offers Free daily Loyalty Coins, and 1 GrandMaster Potion at 120 to unlock all main factions for AOC.
  4. Special Admin summon only mounts, cosmestic saddles, and weapons (non op) are for sale in pippi store as well.
  5. Thall Enhancements: For in game content you can purchase one attribute point to be added to the thrall of your choosing. Normal Thralls need one Unstable Krystallion. For AOC and EEWA thralls one God Krystallion.
  6. Player based Shops.
    ** Xp Rates:
  7. Player xp X2.0
  8. Time x1.5
  9. Kill x4
  10. Harvest XP x3
  11. Crafting XP x2
    Harvest Amount x3

We have a solid core of about 7 players, two are admins, and on is a moderator. We do not wipe the server, bases are cleared out on a player by player basis, if a clan or set of players is inactive for a month or more without notice.

We have added three more mods to the server. Unlock Plus, Northern Timber 2.1.8, Roleplay 1.8.1