Out of Curiosity Sometimes

This is not a huge issue, but often with a PoM or BS the staff will stay on your back during combat. Or a tali won’t show or animate on a DT.

Is there a reason or a fix for this or is it just the way it is? Thanks in advance

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This happened since the weapon vanity update (and rarely for HoXes as well when transforming into a demon and back). HoXes can get hundreds of swords stacked if they have no weapon in the vantiy slot and tranform constantly (not sure if that’s the exact way it works but that’s how it happens when I play my HoX).
If a talisman (at DT, Demo, ToS or any other class that can use them) doesn’t show up you can fix this by switching weapons (Shift + R) back and forth.

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Swap weapons to fix the 10 year old invisible talisman problem.