Outdated code on TestLive servers? DRAWBRIDGES RE-OPEN

Drawbridges on TestLive (PVP-EU-server) might look closed, but act like open (can walk through and on it).
This bug is inconsistent, though. I found a building where some drawbridges are closed and look like it, while at the same time some drawbridges only look closed, but are actually open.

(sry for what happened to the zerk, @Zealous_Chaos , I just couldn´t resist :smiling_imp:)

So when I searched the forums I found that this has been reported for TestLive already:

In fact this is a very old problem that has already been patched in the main game:

Is this bug reoccurring or has this never been changed in the version of the game that runs on TestLive?

You’re correct, this effect has re-emerged. However, I think it’s different.

When did this occur? When was the last time you probed this base?

Sorry to be clinical about your loss, Chaos. :frowning:


I found this yesterday (in the night from 17.03.2020 to 18.03.2020).

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