Overcumbered bug

Game mode: All game modes
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: All server types and single player

Running while over encumbered by unequiping and equiping main hand weapon quickly

I didn’t had time to check if it was already reported, so pardon me if it was.
When you are overencumbered and with a full set of armor just equip and unequip the main hand weapon to run like your not overencumberes.
Tested on single player and on servers with medium iron armor and iron war axe(the first axe weapon unlocked), I noticed that for reasons unknown you need to dress a full set of armor to get it to work, also with a keyboard and mouse with macros it can be macroed to be able to run even when over encumbered.

Hey @q9c9p

Thanks for the reminder. We’ve received similar reports in the past. We’ll send this thread to the team to they can look into it.


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