:P Happy new year!

Basically the title.
Took the liberty of opening one!

Happy new year to everyone!

Trolls, be happy to troll!
“Fanbois”, be happy to love!
Haters, be happy to hate.
Glitchusers be happy to glitch! (And screw you. :joy:)
Macrousers be happy to use these nasty things! (Screw you too! :stuck_out_tongue: )
… and everyone else too!


Why thank you, @Nuria! Happy New Year to you, wherever you may be, many blessings for your contributions. Here in Western Colorado we got 5 inches of the pow-pow so it’ll definitely be a good year for our snowpack! :snowboarder:

I want to wish all my Exploit Hunter pals a very special greeting, and prosperity in 2019.

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