Paid real $$ for GRACE key to sell. Now locked out of GMI

I bought the Grace key and sold it on GMI. Now I’m locked out of GMI, apparently for having more than 4B. How do I spend my creds??

It’s a very antiquated system based around that you can only carry 1b credits, so they limited the GMI to 4b, which in todays game is nothing due to inflation.

The only way I know is to take out 1b credits at a time and move them to either a org bank (can also carry 4b) or move them out to 25 froobs.

Okay so here is what you do.

Before you start, be aware that mail of credits and or items withdrawn from the GMI will only stay in your mailbox for a limited time. If you leave withdrawn credits there for too long you will lose them.

Now with that in mind.

  1. Withdraw 999,999,999 as many times as necessary to get under 4 billion
  2. Create a buy order for an item that either doesn’t exist or cannot be sold on the GMI such as a backpack
  3. Make this buy order for 3 billion+ and preferably for a long period of time.
  4. Go get you mail and deposit until you are over 3 billion and then modify your buy order, increasing how much the buy order is for.
  5. Repeat as many time as is necessary and/desired.

When you require funds, just modify the buy order again to a lower figure.

Just a reminder to NOT leave your credits in the mail past the expiry time or you will lose them.


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