Question about GRACE

Hey all. I’m looking to come back after many years away, around the time grace launched. My question is when I left the GMI cap was 4 billion credits but I see grace is insanely 6-7b. I also see in the statistics that there are actually a good bit of grace that are traded each month.

In order to purchase a grace one would have to deposit that 6b into their GMI in order to accomplish the trade in 1 transaction, correct? Seems pretty obvious but I don’t see how it would work, unless they’ve removed or increased the cap. But it seems that it does work because the statistics show that it is the second largest traded item at around 600 a month.

Thanks for reading.

PS: And assuming that’s figured out, I heard that one can’t buy a GRACE until after their paid expansion account is 30 days old? That’s crazy. I don’t have my old account anymore so I wanted to buy 1 grace to start me off with prices the way they are.

The over 4bill items are sold by someone creating a buy order for over 4bill, a seller can sell to that buy order; but the seller can’t sell a grace by setting it’s price at over 4bill. Yeah kinda odd but there it is.

As far as I know you need an active paid account to activate a grace from FC, you buy it from the website, FC send you a KEY (like a game key code) via email, you redeem that key at the GMI and it spawns a grace into your GMI inv, not your characters inv… and then you can sell it to a higher sell order on the GMI or click to use it for extended game time.

I’m not sure on the waiting for the 30 days, that might be cross-talk from people that re-activated for free during the birthday celebration, and bought a grace from GMI (from a player seller) but didn’t have their account extended past the free offer period; which incidentally I think they should have been able to.

Thanks. Your videos are great too.

So hmm a seller can sell to a buy order higher than 4b…so how does someone get over 4b in order to put up that buy order in the first place?

And 2: If a seller can’t sell with a sell order above 4b, are all of those 600+ sales a month the statistics show only from people selling to buy orders and none from people buying from sell orders? (since as you said a seller can’t sell for a +4b sell order. then it follows that a buyer couldnt buy from that sell order either).

I hope im making sense here lol. I would just like to know exactly how this can work before i buy a grace and try to sell it and activate a paid account. Since the spread on the buys and sells can be large.

PS: Off topic but what side is most active/has the most active orgs? Clan or omni? I was also considering neut for more teaming options but i think org options are going to be better being sided. I really dont care about RP and which side. Just most activity to team with/do raids and most active/friendly orgs. I am also basically a veteran player with almost a decade on/off (just quite a handful of things have changed that i need to learn). Just coming back after years and have to start over with a fresh account. Which really has a lot of positives to that in some senses.

The only problem I had with Grace was the fact that due to characters not being able to hold more than 1 billion, and Graces’s value is more than 7 billion when I sold one a few weeks ago. Has it really dropped to 4? In one month? No need to answer, rhetorical - I’ll check it when I next log in.

Regardless, with the 1 billion cap, had to use alts to hold it all, very silly on Funcom’s part. Big ordeal on my part that I will never do again.

Ok I’ll try to explains this better.

If you have the creds, you can create a BUY order for a value over 4bill.
The seller, in this case the person with a grace, can Sell to that order and receive the creds, but can’t use them until they create more buy orders to bring their total creds down to 4bill or drawing it out of GMI at 1bill per time and trading it to other toons

So you get your grace, check the market and sell it to the highest BUY order,
DO NOT CLICK ON THE FIRST OFFER, or you will likely get low-balled; instead click on details and then choose the highest offer, and sell to that.

You now have those credits, but your GMI is effectively frozen until you bring the total amount of creds to under 4bill,

You could create a dozen buy orders for 1bill for a grace to clear the funds without using them (unless someone actually sells their grace to you for that price in which case ker-ching you can just sell it again for a profit )
Safe way to control your creds, and the most commonly used one.

Or you could withdraw up tp 1bill and trade it to an alt, a toon can only carry 1bill creds max, and that toon if its paid can place the creds into GMI up to 4bill again. Or buy the things you need on it etc.