GRACE: FAQ & Information

GRACE and 30 days game-time code

In patch 18.6.14, we introduced a new subscription method called GRACE. GRACE represents 30 days of game time and can be traded among players within the market (GMI). You can obtain GRACE by buying a 30 days game time code from your account management page, and then claiming GRACE inside the market.

To explain how this system works in detail, we’ve prepared an FAQ to answer questions about this optional subscription method.


What is GRACE?
Grid Access Credit Extension, or GRACE , is an item that will add 30 days of game-time to your account when used. The item can only be used and traded in the market (GMI).

How can I get GRACE?
The first step is buying a GRACE code from your account page:

  1. Click on “View/Buy GRACE” Keys from your main subscription page.
  2. Click on the “Buy a GRACE Key” button.
  3. Select a payment option and click confirm.

The code will be mailed to the email on your account and stored in the GRACE section of your account page for reference. Do the following after you have purchased a code:

  1. Open the market (GMI) through a market terminal on Rubi-Ka.
  2. In the inventory page press the “redeem” button.
  3. Copy the game-time code from your e-mail or account management page, and paste it in to the text field of the pop-up window.
  4. Press the redeem button. If the code you provided is valid, you will receive a GRACE item.


Does GRACE work like any other item in the market?
GRACE can be traded the same way as any other item within the market, but GRACE can not be withdrawn from the market and mailed in-game. If you buy GRACE through a buy order, it will end up in your market inventory.

How can I use GRACE to add game-time to my account?

  1. Open the market
  2. Ensure that you have a GRACE item in your market inventory and target it in the inventory list. When GRACE has been selected a “use” button will become active at the bottom of the market page.
  3. Press the “use” button and a pop-up window will open and inform you that using the GRACE item will consume the item and add 30 days of game-time to the currently logged in account. This operation cannot be reversed.
  4. Press the “Use Item” button in the pop up window to add the game-time to your account.

Can GRACE be used to reactivate a frozen account?
Not at this time. It can only be used to extend an existing subscription.

Can I use GRACE on a free account to upgrade to paid?
No. Your account must be upgraded to paid through account management before GRACE can be redeemed.

Can I have/trade/loot/sell GRACE outside the market (GMI)?
No. GRACE can only be used in the market. It cannot be withdrawn or deposited, and there is no way to acquire it from loot, shops, or any other place in the game.

What if I sell/buy GRACE for the wrong price on the market (GMI)?
Please be very mindful when purchasing or selling GRACE from the market. Customer Service cannot reimburse or reverse player-to-player transactions completed through the GMI. Be careful!

Will Funcom sell GRACE for in game credits?
No, GRACE can only be purchased with credits from other players using the market (GMI).

Will Funcom sell GRACE for Veteran or Funcom Points?
No, GRACE keys are only available from the registration page using approved payment methods.