GRACE during free week

Howdy. I used two GRACEs on my accounts during free week and now they’re frozen. Intended?

There are a few different reasons this might have happened, depending on your account’s exact circumstances. If your account is frozen after using GRACE, please contact support through Our support team will be happy to take a look and provide you with further information or assistance as needed.

I’m losing precious GRACE time at this point. I paid 6b each so I’m losing 12b worth of GRACE time. Is there any way I can DM you my ticket number so you can take a look soon? I have two accounts that are currently frozen even though I used GRACE on both of them.

You can absolutely DM me your ticket number and I’ll be happy to check the ticket’s status.

Please keep in mind, though, no game time expires from your account while it’s frozen. Once the freeze is lifted, any game time that would have expired will be returned and the date displayed on account management will update accordingly.

Oh okay, Thanks. I can’t DM you though because I recently registered.