Unable to deposit money / buy anything from GMS

I have bought and sold a GRACE, so my balance is around 6b, but still the GMS tells me i have insufficient credits to buy an item for 3m. I am also unable to deposit money in the GMS, it keeps comming back to me.
My credit balance is in red for some reason.
I can withdraw money from the GMS with no problems.

The usable balance for GMS is 4B. Once it goes over that’s when it changes to red and also why it will not let you deposit any more. You have to withdraw some and either deposit it into an org bank or on your alts.

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You can also lower your usable balance by placing buy orders, that’s the way people get more than 4b in there. Post a few buy orders, cap out, cancel/timeout the buy orders, all those creds come back and now you’re over the limit.

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