Pain Wheel, enemys armour and moving forniture

  • To can move the forniture. It have not sense the only way to change the place of a workbench is destroying it and building it in another place. I mean some forniture as carpenter bench.
  • Pain Wheel. I would be great if we can see the actually thrall who is in the wheel. And if there is not one then the wheel stop of moving.
  • Get the enemys armour when they are killed.
  • Be abled to export your character, buildings and inventary from an online game to the single player one.

I agree on the moving assets and looting enemy armour.

Also we should be able to change the clothing of thralls at workbenches etc … even if it’s only dying their cloth clothes to help us identify who is who during combat.


It have not sense that after capture a thrall we cant get his armour parts.

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