Thralls & Pets need more settings & options

Hi there. I wanted to suggest the option to put a thrall on passive, neutral or aggressive. I mostly play on a RP/PvP-server and it is quite annoying that you can not tell your thralls to not attack players that are not in your Clan.

Also, even though not that urgent, wouldnt it be nice if Tralls had a few emotes as an option? At least sitting, laying down and talking…



Also I would like to see, that I can simply exchange working thralls without need to put back the whole working bench in my inventory to do this. Or do I overlook sth. ?

One more option I like to see is the possibility change the outfit of the working thralls like normal thralls.

You can put back a thrall from a workstation in your inventory just by clicking and dragging it in the workstation inventory, where you put materials for crafting, then pick it up like you do for a crafted item.

Not on xbox - no mouse & so no drag&drop. thank you nevertheless :slight_smile:

Not to forget the theme thread:
Emotes for the thralls (maybe even a schedule plan) would be great.

I’m on a PS4 and I use the cross button (A on xbox) on the item I want to move then move the cursor where I want then push cross button again… And that’s it the item moved where I wants it to be. That’s how I drag’n drop on a PS4 when I can’t use a mouse. I’ve strong doubt it isn’t working the same on a Xbox.

Thank you, I will give this a try, even I think I tried it this way already. The point is (I think at least), I cannot move the cursor out of workbench inventory to the thrall icon… Will definitely try it again in the evening.

Update: It seems to work the described way. Thank you for heads up!

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use rt on the xbox…

Totally agree. This is a long-standing request. I think it would be a very useful improvement for the game. There are a lot of posts talking about this in this forum. Hope Funcom is aware of that.

Nice to know. THX mate…

Heck, if we could set thralls to passive neutral and agressive perhaps we’d be able to have them attack other players on PvE C servers too…(Even if only during PvP hours…)

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