Panting effect not going away



Game mode: [Online | pve] <- edit
Problem: Performance/effects bug
Region: [Here]

At times after running out of stamina, the toon does not stop panting. It’s not easily replicable, but annoying when it happens.
I do consider it a minor bug, so if there’s a workaround i’d Be happy to adopt that…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Run out of stamina (sometimes)


There’s 2 workarounds i have found for this…
1- log out and back in
2- go swimming underwater.

I get this bug a LOT. I’m pretty sure it’s being caused by an audio lag.
I usually get it by running out of stamina while over-encumbered. I’ve also gotten it by jumping off a high cliff and catching the side close to the bottom to save myself. Doing either of these in my base seems to increase it’s possibility exponentially, as i have a lot of thralls and other placables around, and the lag there is getting serious.
When I take even a small jump the audio effect of my character going “oof” as she lands doesn’t happen for several seconds, and about a third of the time results in this bug.


Thanks Crom, I’ll try that and report back…


Did swimming work for you?

Btw, I’ve also found dragging unconscious thralls also seems to increase the possibility of this happening


Same thing here on PC. I did happen to catch it happening when there was a moment of lag just as I ran out of stamina. After that it’s like I was running around with asthma. All the other times I didn’t really see when it happened. I just noticed that I was now constantly out of breath even with a full stamina bar.

Only cure I know of is logging out. I’ll have to try the swimming thing later.


Hey everybody,

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll inform our team about it :slight_smile:


Been happening since early access, it’s been said that it has been fixed before, but no dice! Killing yourself seems to rid the annoyance.


Maybe your toon should stop smoking. JK.
Couldn’t resist. It’s Friday, and i have a weekend of Conan!!!

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