Panting effect not going away

Game mode: [Online | pve] <- edit
Problem: Performance/effects bug
Region: [Here]

At times after running out of stamina, the toon does not stop panting. It’s not easily replicable, but annoying when it happens.
I do consider it a minor bug, so if there’s a workaround i’d Be happy to adopt that…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Run out of stamina (sometimes)

There’s 2 workarounds i have found for this…
1- log out and back in
2- go swimming underwater.

I get this bug a LOT. I’m pretty sure it’s being caused by an audio lag.
I usually get it by running out of stamina while over-encumbered. I’ve also gotten it by jumping off a high cliff and catching the side close to the bottom to save myself. Doing either of these in my base seems to increase it’s possibility exponentially, as i have a lot of thralls and other placables around, and the lag there is getting serious.
When I take even a small jump the audio effect of my character going “oof” as she lands doesn’t happen for several seconds, and about a third of the time results in this bug.

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Thanks Crom, I’ll try that and report back…

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Did swimming work for you?

Btw, I’ve also found dragging unconscious thralls also seems to increase the possibility of this happening

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Same thing here on PC. I did happen to catch it happening when there was a moment of lag just as I ran out of stamina. After that it’s like I was running around with asthma. All the other times I didn’t really see when it happened. I just noticed that I was now constantly out of breath even with a full stamina bar.

Only cure I know of is logging out. I’ll have to try the swimming thing later.

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Hey everybody,

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll inform our team about it :slight_smile:

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Been happening since early access, it’s been said that it has been fixed before, but no dice! Killing yourself seems to rid the annoyance.

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Maybe your toon should stop smoking. JK.
Couldn’t resist. It’s Friday, and i have a weekend of Conan!!!

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