Mouth breathers unite

So theres a thing in CE, I’ve noticed it usually occurs after I swim thru water, where my Avatar keeps breathing heavily, not in orgasmic ecstasy, but like she has the virus. Sometimes it goes on for a long time, and its a bit annoying. Not sure if it is a bug or working as intended and I don’t see any major “but muh freedoms” complaints on this forum. Anyone else having this issue or should I go into a rage and delete my account?

SOMETIMES I have this “problem” too.
Not very often but it does occur from time to time.

are you running out of stamina?

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@JJDancer I play on the PS4 console, I too have experienced this annoying bug. Although it happens in a variety of situations, there is one circumstance where it happens more frequently. If you jump from an elevated area into water, the heavy/fast breathing starts while underwater. I have found that if you climb a wall out of the water and completely stop, the breathing resets. If you run/walk/swim out of the water, you are better off to log out as it will persist for hours.

It does not seem to be associated with stamina level. I have had this happen when stamina was at 100%, 0%, & everywhere between.

Makes sense, since I built over water and am constantly jumping in it from my base, thank you. I will try your solution.

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