Breathing Underwater Bug

Game mode: Online PVP
Problem: Bug when swimming or underwater
Region: North America Official Server 1575

Just happened to notice the other day after an update that when the server is shut down for an update or I log off either on the surface or underwater, when I log back on, I can swim underwater indefinitely without needing a fish potion or surfacing for a breath. I still lose my stamina. if I sit on a chair underwater, I will regain my stamina. I was in the river in the jungle. don’t know if its been reported yet.

Similar to the original bug where people were using a chair to achieve the same end results before it was fixed.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. go into the river
  2. go underwater
  3. log off to main page and log back on.
  4. no breath bar appears and able to swim underwater indefinitely

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