Stuck underwater in Sunken City

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I play on Single-Player, and I was in the Sunken City and went to grab some Glowing Goop. I kept getting stuck for no reason. As I gathered some, I just couldn’t move at all. Also, later as I was swimming and dropped some rotten flesh while on Autorun, I again just got stuck. Character not able to move forward, backward, up, down or sideways. I could turn in place, but that’s all. It would last several seconds, which is a lot when you’re underwater and losing breath. lol

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I reported it, Funcom answered that they are now aware of this issue, and a helpful user gave me a workaround: equip a one handed weapon after finishing the interaction with stuff underwater! After the equip animation you should be able to move again.


Hi @St.Michael, as rolee9309 has mentioned we’re currently aware and looking into fixing this for an upcoming patch.


After a few hours of playing, I noticed that many actions stop the character and character on a mount from swimming.

  • food spoilage
  • breaking a weapon / tool / armor / bodypainting
  • completing the crafting of an item in your inventory
  • eating / change of clothes / changing weapons - from the shortcuts bar

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