Part time PVP on PVE?

Hey all,
I have a Private 20 man PVE server but what I would like is to have be PVP part time.
Purge is not what I had expected, a I don’t want to close my server down.
Can I pull this off or do I just flip to PVP and then go Part time PVP only,
I don’t want Gank Squads running around Offing the Noobs.
I want to be online to monitor the actual PVP action for complaints then I will get Involved.
Thank You

I’m pretty sure you can set a time to allow PvP on a server in the settings? I’ve never messed with it though, so I can’t tell you how well it works.


Ok Thanks will try

If you are not against the use of mods and waiting for them to update after the launch patch likely breaks them, you may want to investigate the mod called Pippi. I’m fairly certain it has or will soon have a sort of PVP bounding box where you can designate specific PVP areas within the world.

I’ll be testing it out when I open a server again after launch settles. It seems a perfect solution in theory. You can find Pippi and its important links to info, guides, Discord and discussion, etc. in the Steam Workshop.

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Server settings, check restrict PvP time, then select the times you want PvP on. Do the same for PvP building damage. You can make weekday times and weekend times different as well, allowing longer PvP times on weekends if you like.

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Yes I know the settings well been messing with purge settings all week.
Now thanks.
AI I wanted to know if I could leave is listed as PVE.
Thanks for your time.

Ok Thanks,
That’s the way WOW is or was if they are still around.
ESO has the best solution a whole large area for PVP.
Thanks Again
I will keep will keep Pippi in mind.
Thanks Again

Not likely, because you have some form, of PvP enabled, even if it’s limited. Most official PvP servers have limited raid times already, and they are listed as PvP servers still. You can put in the server description an explanation regarding how your server works I believe