Partial Nudity setting resets in game

So, I noticed my partial nudity won’t show when creating a new character. I hit the two squares button and go to gameplay and change it to partial and exit,. But then that setting resets, and is back to none. No matter how many times I change the setting on the character creation menu. I could really use help, if anyone has solutions. I’m on xbox one and my region is UK.

I’m guessing you are playing in single player mode. The server determines the level of nudity, so when you join an online server, you can raise your level of nudity up to the max that is set by that particular server (official servers are full nudity).

When you create a single player game your own computer is the server so you can decide what level you wish to play with. The single player server isn’t started until the game has been created though.

Your first step is to create a character. Once you are spawned into the game, you can enter settings and a Server Settings tab will be available at the top. You need to make yourself admin (no password is required unless you have previously changed this), after you’ve made yourself admin, you can adjust the server settings to full nudity if you wish (full nudity is blocked in certain regions). Then simply close and restart the game (which is restarting the server). Once restarted, go into Gameplay settings, you can now adjust your nudity to the max level of the server.

I hope the helps! :sunglasses:


He’s on xbox. Not PC. :wink:

@Banshei, from my understanding, xbox requires you to download a separate but free DLC to enable nudity and that DLC has some restrictions in certain regions. (It wasn’t Funcom. It was Microsoft’s doing.) So you’ll have to tell us if you downloaded that DLC and what region you are in.

By the way, I don’t own an xbox so that’s about the limit of my knowledge on the subject. Someone more familiar than I with how it works on consoles will have to guide you from there.


It worked! Thank you so much! I have been trying for 3 weeks to get my character to show something!


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