New Xbox Player Forced into "NO" Nudity Option

Greetings. I am a new player on Xbox in the US region and am looking for any help or insight with an issue. In short, I cannot set my single player mode to “Partial Nudity”. I created a solo game. In my “Settings”, I selected “Partial” but it says “Server Nudity NO”. I made myself ADMIN and modified the Server’s settings. However, on the General page, where the nudity option should be (under clan size) - I have nothing. That is, there is no nudity option. Just clan size is the end. I read other reviews and watched youtube videos, but no one else seems to be missing the entire nudity section so I’m at a complete loss. ANY help would be huge!! Thank you!!

Helo! I am from Brazil and i am having the same issue here (guess my version of the game is an USA version)! When i go online everithing goes right and i can see partial nudity (topless girls), but when i play solo (that’s my preffered way) i cannot see the same even that my settings says partial nudity. This is obviously a glitch and needs to be fixed but Funcom seems don’t bother theirselves about that! I have tryed many ways to contact them but unssucesfully! They just don’t care?! This forum may help to discuss the matter but we both need a practical solution! I have paid good money for the game and as a product it should be given support: instead, all that i see is nothing and not even an answer from Funcom. Is that fair?

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