Password-Protected servers, unprotected!

I created a password-protected server one week ago and have been diligently setting up community builds getting it ready for when I do go public. On four (4) separate incidents, I have seen unknown, uninvited players roaming my server. I put a shout out to my admins who claimed none of them gave out the password so I created a G-Portal ticket telling them I’ve been having players join my server without my consent. G-portal replied telling me every person who has joined my server entered a password.

For 3 days, I didn’t have any issues with unknown players joining - until last night. A random guy joined my server so I initiated a chat with him. He did not know any of my admins and he said he did not enter a password. Wtf?! He was kind enough to show me (via screenshots) how he entered my password-protected server without a password. He left my server then went to his favorites list of servers, he had 7 servers on his favorite list, mine was one of them and none of them showed a padlock icon. (because I am a new member to forum, I’m unable to provide the images here). While the servers were still loading, he rejoined my server-without entering the password.
He left my server a 2nd time and this time, he waited for all of the servers in his list to completely finish loading and when he did that, my server showed the padlock and he was asked to enter a password. I gave him the password just cuz he was nice enough to help understand my issue.

My server is ready to go public but I’m giving my admins one week of friend-only access before I remove the password and go public but I thought this might be something the devs may want to look at cuz this isn’t cool. It made me question the trust in my admins and having to kick random players coming in… just … not … cool. Also, other players with password protected servers should be aware of this. I’m happy to provide screenshots if needed.

I’ve been trying to replicate this in testlive servers and no success. All the passworded servers show up as locked as soon as they populate in my list. I might give the Live server group a try later this evening. Very strange bug.

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