Private Server (G-Portal) drops Server Password/allows blank password

I help run a Conan Exiles Server on G-Portal. We are finding that we are getting people joining our server without a password. A password is definitely set and required. when this happens we can see the following in the logfiles.
Login request: /Game/Maps/Startup?Name=MarsRover?Ping=143?SteamAuthTicket=1400000079D5E3098F38DB7E0AC6B20101001001B1243E5C180000000100000002000000D4899A4ED4899A4E103F4B080D000000B800000038000000040000000AC6B2010100100144BA0600D4899A4ED4899A4E00000000CE04325C4EB44D5C010079180400010050890D00000000007AFD806450A555133392B9C66C5E8E3AB51D89FF3832350605E1465B845975E78C461F1C7B60EA94A4F2D342E066CA483A885FCA2077A7DB35F528B874A9B3153A43DB7B0BF6B688C08F023785ECDB1D2D4E13D37E70812C4C44D7BC4A6992288C27E41F7CAD3CAEE8E9F18C5CEC17EB0A6B6888DBC558C051F5C37ACDB68419?Password=?dw_user_id=76XXXXX050?mod_list=9fe598d686d43ac7712a9508d5c730a5 userId: 76XXXXX050

Login request: /Game/Maps/Startup?SteamAuthTicket=14000000DD7CCA3C4BB5F5470AC6B20101001001B1243E5C180000000100000002000000D4899A4ED4899A4E91824C080F000000B800000038000000040000000AC6B2010100100144BA0600D4899A4ED4899A4E00000000CE04325C4EB44D5C010079180400010050890D00000000007AFD806450A555133392B9C66C5E8E3AB51D89FF3832350605E1465B845975E78C461F1C7B60EA94A4F2D342E066CA483A885FCA2077A7DB35F528B874A9B3153A43DB7B0BF6B688C08F023785ECDB1D2D4E13D37E70812C4C44D7BC4A6992288C27E41F7CAD3CAEE8E9F18C5CEC17EB0A6B6888DBC558C051F5C37ACDB68419?Password=?bIsFromInvite?Ping=149?Name=MarsRover?dw_user_id=76XXXXX050?mod_list=f2be51e881651c742a570e92dd941dce userId: 76XXXXX050

Login request: /Game/Maps/Startup?SteamAuthTicket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assword=?Ping=100?Name=Brehon?dw_user_id=76XXXXX205?mod_list=d720c4c3c5d91885cc9c350c47e9700f userId: 76XXXX205

I can see entries in the logfiles from people who have the password. Both successfully login. Incorrect passwords are errored and can not login.

Restarting the server causes the password to become required again, but given we already restart the server every 12 hours and this is a problem we need a better solution. Thanks.

Hey @Decawraith

It’s a know but rare issue. Our team will look into it.
Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:

Hi Ignasis,
I am glad to hear its a rare, but known issue. Can you liaise with your people in customer support…
Funcom #1100202
"Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Support!

I am sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with the Conan Exiles private server you’re using. Unfortunately, Funcom Customer Service doesn’t support or maintain the private servers for Conan Exiles. I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you."

I have identified a security exploit/bug (for want of a better term). Can we work with g-portal and help diagnose the root cause?

If you know of an exploit or security issue, please use our tool Exploit Hunters or contact our staff privately.
Thanks :slight_smile:

It is a security issue and people can exploit it, but at the moment I can not reproduce what causes the issue. Just that we sometimes observe that people have logged in and not been challenged for a password - even though one is set - entering an incorrect password (not NULL) is detected, but not entering a password is not detected.

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Is there a ticket open on this problem?

We have found the same problem on our password locked Conan Exiles server on G-portal.

Suddenly there are buildings and stuff around made by people who are not part of our community. Very annoying.

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