Conan Server Password

Hi I wondering if anyone can help me I have recently brought Conan exciles and rented a sever but when I go to the in game server settings it’s all greyed out and I can’t change anything. I have tried typing in a Admin password but nothing seems to work.

Did you set the admin password within the server config/tool from where you are renting the server?

I do mine from G Portal, and set the admin password as plain text within their web interface, which writes to the config file. Would be in the ‘Basic Settings’ tab, server will need to be offline to access it from the web interface. And under the ‘Basic Settings’ section there.

Hi yeah I have tried that but for some reason when I type in the password in to the admin server settings on Conan and press apply it makes no difference, all the boxes are still greyed out.

Sorry I cannot help more. Cannot see what difference there maybe here between PS4 and PC.

No worries thank you for trying anyways. :slightly_smiling_face:

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