Passwords not working on PS rented servers

We rented a server from Gportal as they are the only company it seems being allowed to rent out servers. Outside of poor performance issues which I chalk up to early day overload and stress things seemed to be working fine, however and this is a big however. The server password doesnt stay and suddenly you have jack wagons from all over the place invading your PRIVATE paid for server.

I sent a ticket to Gportal and their response was “Yep, sorry passwords on the ps4 dont work. Server software, not our fault” and that was it. The private server we paid for has people from all over the place. Its filled up to the point I couldnt even get on my own server and had to shut it down.

Funcom, you have to do something to help rectify this problem as Gportal hasnt even openly acknowledged it, or told people their private servers are far from private. They have no idea of if it will even get fixed. I love the game but I dont want to pay for a private server thats overrun by other people to the point I cant play it with my friends

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Hey there @EternalJoke, just looked into this for you. My understanding is that this issue should now be resolved as of a couple hours ago and that you should try it again. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks!

It seems as it stands now the problem has been resolved. I will keep you informed if the problem pops up again. Appreciate your quick response as Gportals ticket agent was less than helpful.

Is it possible that NItrado or another hosting company will be allowed to host PS4 conan in the near future?

That’s some better news. We were just about to rent a server when we read this thread.

Gportal is out of servers to rent out for right now. Sadly I think they are the only company hosting servers so you will have to wait in line I guess. There are a bunch of people who paid for a server and Gportal couldnt deliver

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll add that issue to the list then. lol