Password not enforced on private server

I tried searching to see if there was already any support/workarounds for this issue, but all I could find were posts about correct passwords being rejected by a server. My issue is the opposite, I have set a password on my server, but no-one is ever prompted when they connect to my server. I set the password in the serversettings file.

Any help would be appreciated.

You need to use:


in the Engine.ini file for the server password, not the ServerSettings.ini file.

Ahh, thank you for that; I’ll give that a shot soon. What is the server password in the serversetting.ini file for?

Pretty sure that’s not supposed to be in ServerSettings.ini. There IS, however:


Which is used for allowing you to access the admin menu once you’re on the server.

Yeah I saw the adminpassword in the defaultserversetting file. I just checked the engine.ini file and there is no lising for any passwords so do I just add the “serverpassword=blah” line item to it or do I need to add something before in square brackets?

Thanks again.

I believe that it belongs in OnlineSubsystem. If you put it directly below ServerName= (wherever that happens to be), you should be good to go. So something like:

ServerName=Village Idiots ★ 1.5x Craft XP ☆ 2x Craft & Harvest Rates

Looks like I got it working using your help. I was confused between the default files and the config files in the “Saved” directory. I’m not sure what the purpose is behind the “Saved” config files, but I will just edit the defaults.

Thanks again!

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That will technically work… for a little while. But there’s a very good chance that some (or all) of the changes you make to the default files will be reverted back to the defaults each time the game is patched/updated. Any changes that you make to the files located in:


…should be preserved across updates.

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Ah, good to know. I shall do that instead!

You can also set the password through in-game server config after activating admin mode (“Make me admin”) and re-opening the settings for the MP server. This should add the entry to the correct file, in the correct place.

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Password protection is like no protection at all, we need whitelisting players via SteamID.

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