Patch Improvements to Thrall AI and Other Questions

The new update has brought me some questions in regards for what this update brings and the future of the game.

  1. Will the new patch bring an update to thrall AI for weapons like daggers and fixing some of the still existing bugs that involve shields disappearing when equipping thralls with swords and shields?
  2. Is there a plan for general improvement of thrall AI handling of weapons and general thrall freakouts?
  3. Is there any plan in any capacity to increase the follower amount and/or implement guard routes for thralls?
  4. Is there any plan to allow us to rename thralls after the leveling system is implemented?
  5. Any idea if there are plans to make a Conan Exiles 2?

I apologize if any of these questions have already been asked and would appreciate any answers provided! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the game but some of these things have been plaguing my ability to reap full enjoyment and I was wondering if there were plans in the works to fix them for this game or in the future. Thanks!

(Note: I made a similar [the same] post on reddit before thinking I should probably post here.)

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Most of your questions were answered in the following links.

Except this one

If there is, then it hasn’t been revealed. Not any time soon I suspect, not with Dune on the horizon.

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