Patron Chest - Lair Vanity Reward Bag -> bugged

Heya. I’ve noticed sometimes when i open Patron Chest vanity bag i don’t get an item. Okey, probably a duplicate but would be nice to get something loggged in gamelog!

Now to the bug: I opened [Patron Chest - Lair Vanity Reward Bag] and on gamelog channel it shows “[11:35] You received [Illuminati Varsity jacket]”.
However, i did not recive illuminati varsity jacket and that slot in my wardrobe is still empty…bugged item?

Here’s every Vomher said in Discord about that one:

“Those cosmetics currently are the Kabuto samurai helmet, Fur lined coat, white, Dragon Varsity jacket, and Illuminati Varsity Jacket. When they drop through the Patron Chest Vanity Reward Bags, you will receive the male version if female or female version if male. Consequently, those crossgender cosmetics won’t show up in your Dressing Room. They CAN however still be worn, provided you use an alternate Dressing Room from an addon such as Elga’s or use the old TSW Dressing Room.”


Yep! You received the cosmetic and Ceruleana quoted my explanation of it, but I’ll try to give a bit more information:

You did indeed receive the Illuminati Varsity jacket; however, you received the version for the other gender. If your character is male, you’ve received the female version, and a female character would receive the male version. This bug on the loot table currently occurs with the Kabuto samurai helmet, Fur lined coat, white, Dragon Varsity jacket, and Illuminati Varsity jacket. As the default Dressing Room doesn’t display cosmetics not of your character’s gender, you won’t see it in there when you earn a crossgendered cosmetic.

You can still equip this cosmetic if desired by using an alternate Dressing Room such as the addon Elga’s or by using the old TSW Dressing Room. Just keep in mind that it will be the model for the gender it’s intended for. Depending on the slot and model, this results in some odd seams.

These cosmetics being swapped on the Patron Vanity Reward Bags’ loot tables is a known issue at the moment, but you definitely receive these cosmetics. If you really want the correct version prior to a fix being implemented that would correct what drops, I have heard some players having success petitioning a GM to get the correct version. If you do so, then keep in mind that CS is often very busy and you might need to be patient since they cover all the games!

There are reports of players claiming to receive absolutely nothing when opening some bags in very rare instances where they don’t even seem to receive these crossgender drops or any log of loot whatsoever, but that particular bug is still being investigated. Luckily, that doesn’t sound as though it happened to you in this case!


Yup. Happened to me. Twice. On the same character, even.

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