Patron status not being recognized

I got a group of friends that wanted to check the game out again. We all became patrons. Today, the Patron status was turned off, for all of us. We have no idea how long we were playing until we realized it. What gives? Does this happen often? How does it happen at all?

Ive personally never heard of it happening to anyone but it seems like something the general forum community would be unable to solve. However we could direct you to submit a ticket to Funcom and they should be able to resolve the situation for you.

On second thought they actually show the forums as an official way to contact them. but I think you might have a better chance emailing directly.

I have already reached out to them on twitter, email, etc, with no response. Just wanted to see if anyone has seen this type of issue in the past and might know of a quick resolution.

Thanks though.

I want to say it has happened before? Something about the database exploding or lighting itself on fire, I dunno. Don’t expect a response from CS any time soon though, wait times are insane lately what with the world ending and all that :v:

I’m pretty sure the insane wait times began long before that. Or was that just for in game petitions? I don’t know anymore but 2-3month wait times seemed to be a common occurrence since they changed there customer service focus months ago. That being said in the case of Patron status issues it might get bumped to the top of there priority list or at least it should.

There seemed to be a problem yesterday with Steam users not being able to log on, then once Valve had sorted that out, some of the Steam users I spoke to didn’t have their Patron status active.

I’d assume that the two are linked somehow. @Gunstoo, are you and your friends also using steam?
You may also have more luck if you tag @AndyB in the thread, just to help it pop up for him. :slight_smile:

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Customer Service wait times took a turn for the worse over a year ago, and delays grew to the 2-3 month range fairly quickly.

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