PC - Age of War Chapter 4 Update Discussion Megathread

Same here. The smaller font size is a real problem for me. Seriously. I will have to play a little more, but this one might end me playing the game because of eye strain. Yes I am old (past 50) and yes I have somewhat strong glasses.

I know that a handful of people who have a problem with the small letters have zero chance of reverting this change.

If anyone knows of a setting that affects font size, please do tell me.


They were. ZIngara and Poitain were modeled after certain medieval cultures.

Conan Exiles bug servers patch


I had to kill 10 giants, the progress counted every other giant I killed. But apparently Hrungnir drops the Frost GIant Horn now.

  1. Challenges semi-broken

Have “Defeat Giant Creatures” and “Defeat World Bosses”.

Both sometimes work, sometimes don’t.

I killed several Giant Spiders. Some finished one challenge, some for both, some for none.

May be caused by the thrall killing the boss, but may also be not. Killed some in god mode with the thrall standing far away, and it still didn’t count sometimes.

  1. Battlepass XP

After admin-finishing two broken challenges, I was at level 7, with 299 XP to level 8.

The battleplass XP from regular XP seems very low. If we depend on challenges, that’ll be a long wait. Challenges reset in a week, so that’s maybe 7 levels in a week, so 9 weeks to finish the battlepass.

Oh my.

  1. Combat

Removed Xevyr’s excellent mods for reverting the facing changes, and forgot to activate Funcom’s fix. By Crom, that combat system is terrible. I almost forgot. Now the memory has returned with a vengeance.
That fix is, uhm, welcome, but seriously. Whoever thought of that should reconsider some life choices. Awful, awful stuff.

At first I have this authorization failed as some peeps have mentioned before, but with some patience (a few more tries) it loads up the server. I’ve had a few issues:

  • For some reason I can not use armors, tried with both armors I’ve found and crafted. I also can’t put armor on thralls, it just bounces back to inventory.
  • I can’t loot armors, for example the Silent Legion armors you can find on jailers (Siptah).
  • If carrying both Ice and Black Ice, I can’t drop Ice, it will drop the Black Ice instead. It doesn’t matter if I mark Ice in inventory and press space to drop or drag the chunk out of inventory, same effect.

Changes in my opinion, bear in mind that I have not explored new content a lot yet:

  • I prefered the bigger boxes in inventory.
  • I hate that you can’t split items like before. It’s just clunky the way it is.
  • I don’t like that you find perfected light/medium/heavy paddings in random chests. I have played a few hours now and will never have to craft paddings again. It makes things too easy in my opinion.

Also, now, when you die and you get to your corpse, you can’t automatically equip your gear anymore. You need to get everything and equip it 1 by 1.

I don’t know from who Funcom is taking feedback but this isn’t something a player would request.

Way to destroy quality of life features.


Game keeps crashing with a fatal error. Game worked fine before chapter 4 update. running with AMD Ryzen 2700x eight core, 32G ram, rtx 3070ti, 64 bit operating system, windows 10

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Only one month for a few.

I was killing spiders. Thought it had missed counting two boss kills, no counted them as giants.

If testlive PVE wasn’t set to easy mode we’d know that, but you don’t drop loot on death so…

Something in this update hates AMD drivers and Discord. The game will lock up, then give a message about losing D3D driver and then close it and then you discover Discord is also crashed.

Think I found the problem. My Hard drive might be broke sad :frowning:


It appears that taverns now have significantly more mobs that you can recruit.

I ran in to a hunter in my bar that taught me the bait :exploding_head:

But managing to get steam verification so you can use your stuff is

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Can’t put on armor, stuck in inventory, My thrall had 8k hp yesterday, login today…2k and no armor. How do you play the game with out armor, Dont mind to train again, BUT how to do that naked is the question. HORRIBLE PATCH. please fix.

How much Conan have you read?

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:brazil: Conan Exiles feedback patch-notes bug

Agora existe um botão que para doar tudo do inventário e quando um item não for enviado devemos apertar o botão “Q” Para “Agrupar” assim irá aparecer opção “Doar Tudo” :clap:

Não é BUG, tem mesmo que prestar atenção com os novos botões eu aprendi como se faz

“Agrupar” e depois “Doar Tudo” Breve pessoal vai acostumar com isso @Funcom_Community


@annieruck @DeaconElie Clicking on those sorting icons in your inventory can fix this. It’s all related to the new “improved” inventory. Also make sure you set “no sorting”.

What is concerning me the most, is they didnt use the opportunity to sell stuff with new chapter release - it is the moment, when most players come to see what is going on, so there should be pletora of offers and they gave some old stuff plus old building set with new additions.
If they can’t (or don’t want to/don’t know how) seize the moment to sell their s##t, it is clear message, that this game isn’t going anywhere, since chinese owners want results → money.
It was best moment to show them, that this product still has some cash potential - and they wasted it, so to summarize - idk if it is worth to put any more money in this game, since it may be gone by the end of the year. I’m still unsure about new features, like inventory sorting, jhebbal storyline and BP new progress, but this whole chapter, hell - this whole age seems like they threw smth on players, just to keep the momentum, not to improve this game.




Wow, all the negative ninnies whining about things being broken! Don’t worry people! I’m sure they’ll fix a random handful of the all the stuff they just broke some time in the next 3 months. Maybe just before the “Age of No-one is Playing Anymore” is launched. Just be patient, grasshoppers.

Srsly though, over 8000 hours in game and always pumped for new DLCs (I miss you) or new chapters (remember how cool Age of Sorcery was in so many ways?) but I have zero desire to play this for the next few weeks at least. Updates should encourage people to play. FUncom seems intent on DISCOURAGING us as every single Crom-damned chapter is worse than the last. So sad to see. get your shit together please. I frickin LOVE this game but you are DEMOLISHING it.