PC - Age of War Chapter 4 Update Discussion Megathread

Hey Funcom,

I am really sorry to ask but who is testing your games and who is in charge of the changings for Conan?

There was no need to change the inventory or storing system because it worked rly good the way it was. Now you changed it with the patch and nothing is working properly. You can’t loot stuff from chest or benches and you can’t equip armor when you have more than one piece in your inventory.

There was no need to change the players interface. Smaller pictures and inventory makes it less pretty in my opinion and good part of Conan’s playerbase are older people. Don’t make it smaller or at least give a chance to adjust it for urself.

On Test-live the stamina change is good and you can actual feel a difference and that you have to wait a second for the regeneration. Now on the actual patch it nearly feels like you didn’t change anything with the stamina management and you only removed the extra effect on rolling thrust.

That’s how I get to the next topic: Why removing the extra effect of rolling thrust? With that change you just completely destroyed weapons that scale with strength. The only weapons that are still fun to use and usable are agility weapons. Most of them have low stamina costs which gives them a high advantage over the strength weapons.

Please stop destroying this game any further. Wake up and fix the problems and get the thrust from the community back. Do changes that are actually beneficial for the game.

For example:

Add the test live stamina regeneration time.

Reset the spear animation speed to before you destroyed the weapon completely. You made it possible that a PvP favorite weapon got completely deleted from every PvP server

Work on the heavy performance problems that every Conan server has at the moment. The focus should be to have a stable performance at the moment.

I really hope there will be a hotfix as soon as possible. Or maybe just do a rollback and then focus on changes that are rly helping the game and improving it like the ones I mentioned above.

Wish you a nice day! Pls help us out!

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Why does this patch feel like assisted suicide. Of every pvp update i read about, i’m struggling to find a single one was an improvement from the current system, aside from the return to old stamina regen. Also if you log out in water now you lose everything on relog.

Why have you done this to us ? You keep messing with things and nothing improves. I have played this game since EA and all you ever do is spoil things.
If you want to make the game harder, then make the enemies tougher, give the Spiders back their venom ( those critters used to be terrifying ) for example.
Stop nurfing us, the players, can’t repair leg items, can’t repair redeemed legion, bearer hp nurfed, stack splitting is beyond a joke … why, why, why?

Please stop it


The dark horse graphic novels and the first 3-4 books.

Hot fix incoming, real slow but in the works.

I’d describe the guy but every time I do my post gets pulled or I get a ban, so Dennis.
Not at all sure why some people seem to see physical descriptors as offensive.

Wonder what that HUD buff scale setting is for :thinking:

Ya, it does feel like it got lost in translation.

Am I the only one that saw the unicorn funcom handed us?

The time to have “stopped this” was when it was on testlive, but funcom doesn’t take us dozen or so testers seriously; apparently. They did fix the horse inventory issue; the black hole that ate everything you put in. Nice to find out when you are loading them with T3 building materials.

Now maybe if people read the testlive threads, then checked for themselves, we might have been enough voices to have made a difference. I’m a pessimist so doubt it, but it remains theoretical.

Just adding my voice to the countless others pointing out what a poorly tested update this was. When QoL changes make life worse, it’s not a quality of life change.


We should all get used to their non existance QA …

Aow4 is officially in beta ( us ) Will take several weeks to get most of the issues ironed out .

I SEE some good things in the new ui. Tons of potential . Still need work

I was hoping maybe that was altered for the UI in general but nope, just for the buffs really.


I heard some people saying that Funcom devs doesn’t actually play Conan Exiles, and I always found it ridiculous.

After this update, I’m really not sure anymore. I mean, how could anyone let these things happen in an update?


Spear speed was reduced cause in combo with rolling thurst is was cancer. No other weapons, no other builds, just roll and poke repeat X times till win.

And that one was right.


I hardly disagree here. Great Axe was a common thing before aswell and with the improvement of the other weapons they nerfed the spear. At the current state of the game everybody would play the weapon they prefer. I want the old spear back! But even if they will bring it back i will Stick to my Bow, Claws, Katana build. I have 4,5k hours in Conan PvP and you can say a lot about the Spear but not that it was over powered. Its simply one of the better weapons in teamfights cause it has range and precise hits to not always hit ur teammates. Greataxe for example does more than double the damage but chances to hit ur mates are way higher. It is balanced and weapons are just situational. If you would bring back the spear right now i think you would see a really nice variety of weapons.

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It’s just me, or werehyenas not appear at night? I participate in Sacred hunt, but they not ambushing me

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i have run out of faith and trust … every time i try to log in i just log right back out again

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After the update, some things (mainly weapons and armor) are not transferred to the box/workbench. If you click “Give all”, they will be transferred, but along with them - the necessary things.
If you stand with an open chest and throw an item out of your inventory onto the floor, and then put something into the chest that does not fit there, the thrown item RETURNS TO YOUR INVENTORY. This is fine??

Slaves do not attack new mobs. Nice…

Item separation doesn’t work. Even the right mouse button. I’m generally silent about the fact that dividing them with the right button is inconvenient.

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can store weapons and tools in chest, or anywhere. The give all button is not even showing for me. And lost dungeon set stills no wedges wtf…

I played the beta, noted some problems, got almost totally ignored and now here we are. Fixing that all mounts and pets devoured everything you gave them was not even an optional fix, everyone would have been gone. But that’s the only thing that I see that works now that didn’t during public beta.

The challenges, battle pass and bazaar (which we aren’t allowed to test) changes are totally absurd and simply slow the game down even more. I spent half a day without concentrating on them and this week is finished. I have supported FC with purchases just for the building aspect of the game on single player but that ends now.

The pack and container sorting and placing of items is horrible! But take a look at the menus for weapons and armor at the crafting tables, now that’s the biggest batch of chaos I’ve seen in a very long time and the only sorting I have is by DLC. If you look long enough you can claim it’s being sorted by armor weight and then by name but 20% or more items are not being sorted that way.

All the rest of the problems stated above have happened to me to some degree and I play on a high end desktop with very fast (fiber) internet and don’t usually have most of the connection problems. Nothing that I’ve seen for bugs this time are end user and none of the changes are player based QoL requests that I have seen. I have over 9000 hours of play time between two accounts with beta on both and all on official servers. I guess 10k is out of the question.

I even put in a ticket for “Purchased items” when they didn’t show up but that got resolved with a restart, after a crash of course. No response from ZenDesk for it but I suppose they knew it would crash and fix something at least. Please put some serious effort into some major fixes and do it soon FC. Maybe repeal this update and work on it and then try chapter 4 again, we can wait if you will try and get it right this time.


Whoever among your UX/UI designers came up with the brilliant idea to change the functionality of stacking items… I am simply astonished by this change. To put it in the nicest terms.

I’m sure there have been several comments on this already. But I want to present to you in a different way just how idiotic this change is.

Background: German role-playing server. Modded. We have our own currency there. Now, if I need to give another player a specific amount of my currency, it used to be a simple shift+right-click.

Now i have to split my 100 Coins a dozen of times. Until i can restack them to get 73 coins. I cant post a gif of that scenario. But you can imagine how cancer that is right?

Pls change that back. Thank you.



I’ve just been testing it and about have the weeklies done. 1 more world boss kill.

But look at it this way I’m no longer a serial refresher, I’m doing my weeklies :smiley:

The removal of shift + drag to separate specific quantities of items is a terrible idea. You are punishing the most avid players of your game who are most likely to need to transfer items in specific quantities. This especially punishes players who do not spec heavy in expertise, as their weight limits force them to click on a large stack of heavy items 5-6 times before whittling them down to a carryable amount, as opposed to just shift + dragging a very specific quantity of those items. This change is similarly hampering when a player is trying to sort large amounts of loot after a dungeon or to hand out items to clanmates. Please roll back this awful change, it makes the game a lot less fun and will lead to many of your core players considering survival/crafting games with less restrictive inventory management.


If I looked at this as truly “testing it” I have to give it a solid F for about every aspect of the game. Luckily I was distracted for a while and haven’t got back to the “ugh, playing” part of it yet. Oh cool, the dog wants some attention so that might not happen for a while either. Wouldn’t it be cool if the Outcast turns out to be right and this update was all a dream. Can someone please wake up the old guy sitting in the corner of the bar?

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