[PC] Borderlands - (RP, PvP, ERP) [18+]

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Borderlands - (RP, PvP, ERP) [18+]

We are now in our second season! Each player is free to claim a boost kit to get into the action faster! The kit contains an XP Boost to level 60, 1 set of Flawless Medium Armor, Dancer Clothes, a Legendary Weapon, a bundle of Starmetal Tools, Dyes, Legendary Repair kits and Starmetal Bars.

A land where Kings and Lords plot against each other, alliances are formed and broken in secret while Slavers and Cultists stalk the sands, ever eager to collar a new victim for business or simple pleasure…

Borderlands supports all flavours and levels of RP from humble Slaves to disdainful Lords. No matter your RP style, or level of experience, our good-sized and ever expanding community means you will find someone to play with, and with our new season of Thespian quests and Admin events there is always something to do.

We are a Conflict-RP server. While PvP is used as tool to help support deep intrigue and politics for those who want power, our relaxed and fair atmosphere allows more humble RP (and ERP) to take place if that is what you prefer.


  • Pippi
  • Sexiles
  • Thrall War Dungeon Mod
  • Exiles Extreme
  • Exiles Extreme Featblocker
  • Slavermod
  • Fashionist
  • RP Aesthetics
  • Roleplay Mod
  • Less Building Placement Restrictions
  • Unlock Plus (with pickup)
  • Stacksize Plus
  • Shendelezare’s Secret

Check out our Discord for more information or to join: https://discord.gg/NKw2RDz

Bump to advertise Borderlands 2nd Great Arena Tournament this Wednesday 18/09/19