[PC] Chat Not Working Correctly

While we can chat normally on Global Chat, if we change to Local Chat, the Global Chat gets disabled. Only exit and return to the game to fix the problem.

Chat still not working as intended after patch of day 27 of month 04, 2018

It seems I have some clues now about the problem. The chat have problems working when you are part of a clan. Without a clan, if you use the minus (-), and you were using local chat (asterisk (( * )), you are able to return to global chat. But if you are part of a clan, whenever you use local chat (asterisk (( * )) or clan chat (-), you are unable to return to global chat, as it seems the button configured to return to global is minus (-).

I would love for this problem to be resolved. Can’t enter Global chat after using guild chat.

Ok… It seems I’m wrong about the bug… The command to return to global chat is: type /global and press space bar, not enter, so that you can speak in global again after using local chat ( * ) or clan chat ( - ).

i was asking how people chat other than in global chat.
Was told to /L for local and /G for guild but none of those do squat. nothing happens and only the pre setting of global chat is there.

Looking here seems that is all buggy as hell. Hope this and other bugs will be fixed soon… sooner rather than later too.