PC Global chat bug


The game does not have a key to switch to the global chat!
It is enabled by default, but if you switch from it to local or clan chat, you will not return back.
There is no button to return to the global chat. The enter button opens an existing chat, but does not switch it to global!
And this is very inconvenient. After writing something in the local chat or clan chat, you lose the ability to communicate with the rest of the server players until you re-enter the client. And every time you restart the game is very inconvenient!

Typing /global then hitting the space bar doesnt revert it back?


Don’t even have to type it out.
/s = Local
/c = Clan
/g = Global


Like @Xevyr said, :point_up_2: but you need to hit the SPACEBAR afterward, not enter.

/gSPACEBAR(then type message here)

I believe these instructions are also in red text on your chat window every time you go through a loading screen. :shushing_face:


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