[PC] Clash of Empires - Vanilla PVP-Focused RP

We started our server almost three weeks ago with a dream of making a better RP-PVP server than the toxic one we left and now that the infrastructure is finished and the rules have been narrowed down, we’re ready to announce it.
Clash of Empires is a roleplay server with a focus on PVP. We have a two-tier clan system where you start off as a Clan and can upgrade to an Empire once you’re ready to start clashing with the other Empires.
We have iron-clad protections on Home Bases and against griefing by both Empires and Clans. Freshly joined players have large areas of safe spaces to build their designated Home Base.
We have options to allow you to upgrade your Home Base size, a market where players can sell their goods for any price they set and admins run a Bronze Coin-run market so anyone can purchase large amounts of supplies, pets, thralls or legendaries.
We also encourage feedback from our community in case there’s anything that needs to change or anything you want us to add.
If you’re interested, check out our server, “Clash of Empires” so we can link you to the Discord, read up on the rules and see if our server is right for you.
Have fun, and CLASH!

I tried adding the link to the Discord, but it won’t let me.

We’re looking for anyone willing to PVP, eager to roleplay and offer events where you can earn bronze coins to spend at the market. Our server is only up to 20 people, but if enough people join we’re willing to upgrade to a 40 person package.
We can’t run mods because many of our players can’t use them due to technical issues, so we run a vanilla game.

I hope this isn’t faux pas, replying to my own post, but I finally upgraded my Trust Level.
Anyone interested in reviewing our rules before joining can do so!
Discord Link: Clash of Empires - Offical Conan Exiles Server
Updated 11/5/2023