[PC] Connection timed out: Could not find server

Ok, so somebody please help disipher this mystery:)

Playing on a private server with some freinds and until recently have been joining via direct connect ip input with no problems. As of the last two days whenever I try this I get the message “Connection timed out: Could not find server…” The server has people on it and so far as we know is experiancing no problems BUT (And this is the wierd part) I can join if I go through somebody on my steam freinds list…not their profile (Same error), just the right click friends list option to join game. Checked my connection and no obvious problems. Yesterday somebody else on another continent and much closer to the server location started getting the same error and can only join with the same method. Obviously a pain as if the server is empty we have to wait for somebody we know to be on XD.

Advice and suggestions welcome:) Admin cant find anything obvious wrong with the server, and its not on my end as somebody else getting it has discounted that…unless we both have the same odd setting on somewhere…??? (Which would be strange as I havn’t touched anything)

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